eHotelworks is a next-generation hotel consultancy that focuses on electronic marketing and revenue management training. We are formed by a team of hand-picked top-end professionals, who have exceptional experience and history in our industry. Given our focus to delivering value to hotels, over the years, we have developed some very exciting and hands-on techniques to help hotels maximise their revenues - both online and off line.

With a wide network of recognised and proven technology and marketing partners, and with solid experience in CRS, CRM and e-Marketing, eHotelworks is uniquely positioned to help you capitalise on your local and international RevPAR opportunities.

On-Site Revenue Management Projects in Paris, Jersey, London

Helping hotels realise their revenue management potential, is... personal. That's why we are discreetly training on-site; and why our customers learn Revenue Mangaement skills in record times.


Working with Amadeus in France

In what is our most exciting project yet, eHotelworks is now contracted with Amadeus; assisting with their efforts to acquire exciting major new hotel customers and designing IHG's New CRS , out of their offices in France.

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The Langham Hotel London gets a French version of their website

The exceptional Langham Hotel in London becomes the latest property that eHotelworks and BABEL Multilingual help promote internationally. Click here to visit the French version of the hotel's website.

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Working with Upgrade Two Ltd.

eHotelworks is now closely associated with Upgrade2, the world's first ancillary sales e-commerce platform for hotels. We provide all the expertise (and partially own) the beautiful engine found here.

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The London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) and eHotelworks

Yannis Anastasakis, Principal Consultant at eHotelworks is now an Associate Lecturer for Online Marketing Analytics to MSc in Marketing Students at the London School of Business and Finance (

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eHotelworks trains The Marketers' Forum Group

Founder and CEO of eHotelworks Mr. Yannis Anastasakis is now a regular tutor at The Marketers' Forum, teaching Project Management in Marketing to CIM Diploma level marketing profesionals.

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