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Here you will find the most recent news and articles on international e-commerce and significant developments in the multilingual hotel marketing space.

The BW Ilisia Hotel Athens gets a much needed revamp. - 10 Oct 2013

eHotelworks are delighted to announce that in conjunction with our close tracking partners at cookiebite.NET, we have not developed a completely new website for the Ilisia Hotel in Athens. The new design is powered by the latest version of Joomla, is stretchable, and comes with the latest best practices in hotel website design. Animation, easy to use and service CMS and the industry's most powerful hotel booking engine support this excellent Athens city centre hotel.. click here to visit the BW Ilisia Hotel Website.

Whiteboard Labs Inc. WindSurfer™ CRS. - 30 June 2012

Windsurfer is the main CRS of an excellent connectivity and hotel technology provider company called Whiteboard Labs. Whiteboard have actually (and without argument by friends or competitors) completely changed the electronic landscape of the hotel e-commerce space. They did so since the late 90s, and they certainly do so today. Here are some facts about them that you will probably find useful. ... click here to read more.

Emotion Marketing and why we think it will catch on. - 30 June 2012

Identifying the value of "words" in promotional messages is not easy; especially when you are a start-up and have very little investment power. This is why we think that the principles of Emotion Marketing are useful. Looking at a promotional message from the point of view of emotion quanta can really open your eyes to a the wonderful world of playing with consumer emotions. Here we use Apple and its facetime adverts as an example... click here to read more.

Japan and the u lu tu ra book ;). - 06 May 2012

Last week I attended the International Digital Forum in London. The IDF is a largely unkown but fantastically excellent gathering of internationalisation specialists, where typically some of OBAN Multilingual’s larger clients take the stage and talk about their efforts, their struggles and what they have learned from their attempts to either expand, or optimise their operations in various countries and foreign languages... click here to read more.

The lovely Cavendish in London now has a lovely French website. - 21 March 2012

Today everyone is celebrating at eHotelworks - as the Cavendish hotel in London goes live on our BABEL Multilingual programme. Those of you familiar with London will agree that the Cavendish is a gem of a hotel; Great rooms, with a stunnig location in London's Mayfair, and great value for money. We are delighted to have released the French version of the hotel's website - with many more lanugages to come. you can have a look at our work here, and the hotel's english website here.

Thinking of Greece - a lesson for the rest of us?. - 26 December 2011

I think that one of the overwhelmingly consequential stories of 2011, was that of the Greek financial and social issues. The topic has been covered very thoroughly by the world media, so I am guessing that just like me, you will have mixed emotions about my fellow countrymen as a whole. On the one hand, the irregularities.... click here to read more.

China is now the world's largest smartphone market. - 24 November 2011

Recently, I have been asked by sevearal hoteliers to build Chinese versions of their websites. Given our rather unusual performance-related payment model, I have been doing some digging around, to find out more on the potential of growth from that particular market. A few days of research, and a visit to the excellent 1st International Digital Forum, I am delighted to report that it is mostly impressive news.... click here to read more.

Foreign gemütlichkeit in the UK. - 9 October 2011

Looking at the primary findings of a recent hotel online market research we conducted, it became somewhat obvious that multilingual international travellers are not “chased” by hoteliers. Unlike the occasionally surprising proficiency one can find in a hotelier’s online strategy when it comes to same-language markets, international source markets are – to put it mildly – mostly ignored. This suggests a significant opportunity for hotels, in the form of what is – in every way that counts – a “new” marketplace; one in which linguistic barriers have so far kept the competition away.... click here to read more.

The Royal Park Hotel in London now speaks German. - 30 September 2011

Our first hotel under the BABEL Multilingual brand is now live in German. We are delighted to have delivered the German Version of the Royal Park Hotel’s website to the world, and we are now looking forward to the first direct reservations... click here to read more.

Babel Multilingual Product designed to help hotels go to the world. 7 June 2011

After a lot of discussions, test, design and re-design, the two teams that have the understanding and resources to make a truly exciting and excellent product happen, have finally done it. I am delighted to announce that BABEL Multilingual, the new form of international e-commerce marketing for hotels, is now available for hoteliers to get… and if the conditions are right, we will do this for FREE... click here to read more.

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