International e-Marketing (multilingual SEO and international PPC)

Electronic marketing campaigns are no longer limited to a handful of portals on hotels’ local markets. Today you are able to target the international traveller on his/her home country beyond linguistic and cultural barriers. eHotelworks’ products bring you ability to not only sell in international-local marketplaces, they also allow you to segment your international travellers to separate markets.

eHotelworks offers two distinct products representing two types of specific, international e-marketing methods that will bring your hotel to computer screens in any country of your choice.

HelloWorld+, eHotelworks’ full re-building and international optimisation solution will allow independent hotels to compete for the first time on an equal footing with the international hotel chains by:

Local hosting, researching and purchasing URLs that convert well, and by producing SEO friendly frameworks to your international web pages

Re-constructing your website in the international languages that are applicable and relevant to your local market

Delivering the appropriate messages of desirability, suitability and care through careful designs that are compatible with the expectations of the international visitor

Working directly on your Central Reservations System and translating your booking engine to offer a complete and continuous booking experience in your customers’ languages

Continuous submission of each local website and ongoing search engine optimisation work for a minimum of six months, focusing on the relevant international and local search engines

eHotelworks also offers high-end hotel Pay Per Click campaign management for all international sites through a cost-effective programme that includes campaigns in local or specialty search engines.

Through a team of experts in each country, our hotel PPC campaigns are not only run with a focus on the engines of the specific market, but after a rigorous analysis of the performance of each combination of keywords, on a country-per-country basis. This doesn’t just allow you to target the correct keywords for each country, it also cuts your costs and increases the efficiency (Return On Investment) of your campaigns.

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