Sales Representation

With decades of experience with corporate clients, consortia, physical and on-line agencies, eHotelworks has the knowledge and network of key industry players to offer your company a cost-effective and productive representation service with the industry segment of your choice.

Our sales representation and sales consulting services range from simple one-off contracting projects to full relationship and account management across multiple industry segments.

Third Party Internet Sites

With Europe and Asia characterised by a plethora of micro-agencies and fragmentation of the third party booking sites market, contacting and managing relationships (and even implementing a rate strategy) with every key market is a difficult - and normally expensive - task. Time difference, lack of expertise or simply lack of presence in these international markets may make negotiations of a favourable contract, as well as ongoing management of a relationship with third party sites, a nearly impossible task.

We can help you by-pass these challenges by negotiating contracts, providing all relevant sales services, loading content and even managing rates on an on-going basis on your behalf.


With existing relationships and a remarkable track record in contract negotiation and productive brochure participation for very well known clients, eHotelworks can help you fully with your wholesale segment sales and representation requirements anywhere in Europe and beyond.

Consortia and Corporate sales

eHotelworks staff and partners have extensive background in account management, participation and rates negotiations as well as RFP and rate-loading management with both all global consortia, as well as many major key global corporate accounts. Usually a service that is mostly interesting for representation firms, we also offer very competitive deals for one-off projects for hotels.

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