Research and activitiy analysis

Research and activity analysis are two powerful methods of ensuring coherent transitions and change management, as well as increasing efficiencies in your business practices.

Our research, analysis and reporting services range to a wide area of activities, from management of change in your market targeting to new asset development and feasibility studies.

General and specific areas of work

e-mail marketing campaigns’ success, inbound links and click-for programmes’ ROI are all easily measured. Yet, with fierce competition in each field, we make it possible to increase your ROI by enhancing the value of the data that you use before each campaign goes live. We achieve this through market research and intelligent collection of data – that we then put to good use for your business.

Examples of work that we undertake include:

Current database information mining and management

Intelligent address building

Website and e-marketing message change management

Concurrent website development and individual performance measurement

Identification of meaningful multicultural and multilingual market segments

Physical asset and project evaluation and feasibility studies

The list of existing and potential customers that you may have patiently collected is a valuable asset – a value that is easily assessed with each electronic campaign you run. eHotelworks, thought careful planning, segmentation and implementation of existing technologies, can increase the quality and value of the information that you collect and fine tune the targeting of the audiences that you go after. Improved targeting through information collection will increase the ROI of your campaigns.

We provide you not only with advice and the tools you need to succeed. We can also undertake any e-marketing project and fully execute on your behalf.

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New Website for the Ilisia Hotel

--- UK 10 Oct 2013 ---
The Ilisia Hotel Athens has asked eHotelworks - in association with Cookiebite and VMGC Consulting - to create a cost-effective, versatile and attractive new website that is built for advanced analytics

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willkommen Royal Park London

The Royal Park Hotel's official French website

--- Germany 29 Sep 2011 ---
Today, we launched the German version of the Royal Park hotel's website. A site originally put together by TravelCLICK, and now enhanced by our linguistic magic, the is set to attact thousands of German speaking visitors over the next few months.

Click here to view the Royal Park hotel website in German >>>

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