Technology Solutions

eHotelworks supports, facilitates and specialises in a wide range of solutions to the hotel and travel industry.

From RFP technology, to customer relationship management (CRM) systems and customised, bespoke software development, we are the only UK software development and implementation company with 100% focus on the travel industry. eHotelworks is where experience and understanding of the travel sector can dramatically reduce your costs of IT product sales, development and implementation.

CRM Technology

Today’s CRM systems are so versatile that when implemented with a deep understanding of the final goal, efficiencies grow geometrically. eHotelworks has great experience in implementing existing solutions from giants like Microsoft® Dynamics™ and customising them to the needs of hotels and agencies alike. Beyond the generic efficiency benefits of using a CRM system, some of the achieved advantages reported by our clients include:

Impeccable follow-up and complete accountability with all sales efforts

Significant improvement in efficiencies with sales processes and increased sales ROI

Dramatically improved timing in chasing outstanding payments

Seamless contracting processes without the requirement of additional software

Removal of threats and opportunity costs that would traditionally be associated with  staff turnover

Seamless information integration with existing Microsoft® systems

Centralised content management including rich media

Ability to customise customer experience based on customer needs

Effective use of loyalty and membership point schemes

Superior e-marketing campaigns bypassing limitations of existing CRS

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RFP Solutions

Agencies invest significant amounts of time trying to manage large numbers of contracts, web and brochure content. Invariably, the task of contracting is run against rigid printing and publishing deadlines, resulting in staff overtime. To make things worse, mistakes or lack of responses from your counterparts may mean ongoing contractual disagreements at post booking times.

With the use of proven RFP solutions, we automate the agency driven proposal and contracting process, as well as the post-contractual rate-loading processes. The result is dramatically reduced workload, significantly increased speed of contracting and complete elimination of errors or disputes.

Without changing the way you do business today, you can have a fully automated submission of information that you require, automated checking of the data, electronic support in comparing that data, seamless group communications approaching hotels that haven’t responded, and fully automated rate loading and verification – all without changing your current systems.

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IT Solutions

With UK and internationally based teams, eHotelworks also provides its customers with custom-built solutions to a wide range of firms in a variety of industries. Our hospitality related background includes work on CRS, CRM, PMS interfaces, Sales Systems and creation of full IT infrastructure for online travel agencies. Our understanding of the travel industry makes us the ideal partner for all your IT and software development outsourcing needs.

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